Back Catalog: Solo exhibition by Laura Halsey Brown
OPENING September 1 5-7pm. Adobe Books Gallery 3130 24th St San Francisco.

Back Catalog is an art installation as memoir. Four new gallery works incorporate art (never shown professionally) and/or art influences that span 30 years. The pieces form an installation; speaking with one another and sharing intersections over a span of time.

Back Catalog includes a new work based on earlier concepts; a recontexualization of an earlier work; a new work that includes an earlier work; a (very)new work as a re-creation of an earlier work. Each of the four works has a relationship to ideas surrounding moving image, the Arte Povera movement from Italy/70's - and influences from the Bay Area such as Buddhism and 'being present'. Mediums used include glass, drawings, a live plant, photography and silkscreen.

Back Catalog was specifically curated for the Adobe Bookstore Gallery in San Francisco. Using art to articulate a persons story. Exhibition runs September 1 to September 23, 2018.

(photo of site-specific work Locating a Movement Within, 1999 Clementine Gallery, NYC)