Not Nature, 1990 -2018
Four silk-screen prints
The original impetus of these works was frustration with the patriarchal.capitalist use of language onto nature: to define nature, to control nature, to commodify nature. The botanical prints have the latin names of the plants changed to Imperium which means Power and Domantio (domainatur) which means Control. The graphs and charts are abstracted to place data in the same context. The works were prescient because this kind of patriarchal/capitalist thinking created our climate change problem. The graphs and charts now refer to our relationship to this reality. Our apathy in the face of facts and to the political power that the people have – and may not use.

Language is used as a material in several of the works in this exhibition. In Towering, as a way to expand consciousness and as a process of healing. In Not Nature, as a capitalist (patriarchal) form of power and control.