This first version of an on-going performative drawing series called Radial Shadows, was created for the Place/Displaced’ exhibition at SOMArts

breathing in place, 2014
site-responsive drawing/performance 44″ x 44″, powdered charcoal, paper, video projection
(Click here for 5 sec. excerpt of video projection]
The piece is a meditation on time and place as an amerliorative offering. The drawing was created over a period of time. The piece begins with putting paper on the ground and using powdered charcoal to draw/erase/draw in the shadows that fall within it the charcoal circle. This performative process is meant to inspire a shift of awareness of place in passerby via my focused attention to ‘place’. The finished drawing for this exhibition took on some of the qualities of a bruise. The context of the exhibition also reveals a focus on the in-between spaces [the grays] vs the BxW. The projection was created from a series of stills from the drawing process and edited so the transitions are the rhythm of relaxed in and out breaths. Change is inevitable but the changes that have happened in San Francisco over the last few years have been at hyper speed. The work is an offering of respite from the trauma of displacement.