Towering, 2003-2018
Found paper, pencil, wax, xerox transfer, glass

In this work, I include pieces from an on-going series titled speaking in public, which refers to processing private emotions and shown in a public space. Each work starts with found paper from the site. A reduced image of the architectural blueprint of the site is transferred onto the paper. Stream-of-consciousness reflection of personal experiences in the site are written within the image of the architectural plan. Wax is applied as intentional obfuscation. Parts of words are still apparent to refer to the way the unconscious enters consciousness.
These drawings use paper found in the garbage of the 93nd floor of WTC in 2001, days before 9.11. I had a studio there as a part of a LMCC residency. The writing was a way to process my experience.

This new configuration/installation of the drawings refers to the event (and place) as towering; monumental, imposing, overpowering.